We push the boundaries of strength so you can push the boundaries of life. Hammerhead bumpers are made from the same steel as the world’s largest, most hardcore mining trucks. They are sturdy enough to handle even the heaviest loads, accepting up to a 16,500 pound winch, depending on the model. You never have to worry about your Hammerhead armor taking a hit. Whether you're pounding the pavement or taking it off-road, Hammerhead protects your truck with the signature strength and power you need to dominate.

Hammerhead holds up. Each bumper is quality-inspected by a certified technician so you can take on anything. Hammerhead lets you do everything from mud riding to rock climbing without the hassle of constant repair or the stress of damaging your truck. Our products are made in the USA and are guaranteed to last no matter where the grind takes you. With bumpers that fit directly to your truck’s frame, Hammerhead gives you dependability and durability no matter what challenges you’re chasing.

Whether you’re taking on the hunting trail or racing to a baseball game, Hammerhead makes sure you arrive in style. Our sleek, strong bumpers give you all the strength and durability of a bulkier model, without hurting the head-turning factor of your ride. Trucks aren’t always meant to be splattered with mud, but they are meant to be bold—whether you’re off the beaten path or presiding as king of the parking lot.


Hammerhead was started in 2008 by employees of Hol-Mac Corporation. Hol-Mac is known for creating the highest quality of heavy equipment. Inspired by the strength of Hol-Mac’s steel, some off-road enthusiasts in the company decided they wanted to produce something they were passionate about: the best aftermarket bumper possible. They created Hammerhead and began making high-quality bumpers that bolt directly to a vehicle’s frame. No cutting, welding, or drilling required.

Held to the same standards as Hol-Mac’s industrial grade products, every Hammerhead bumper has been engineered and built by American craftsmen in our manufacturing facility in Bay Springs, Mississippi. Hammerhead bumpers are only welded by personnel with AWS D1.1 welding certification, ensuring your bumper is built to last. We are proud to provide cutting-edge bumpers that are “A1” in quality.