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What are Hammerhead bumpers made of?

Hammerhead Armor is masterfully manufactured from high quality, high tensile steel, laser cut, formed and welded with quality precision for maximum strength and durability. Expertly engineered for perfect fit and function, with seamless installation- no cutting or drilling required.

What is the paint on Hammerhead bumpers?

Each Hammerhead Armor Bumper is washed with an automated 7-stage preparation system. This system chemically etches the steel to provide unmatched adhesion for our proprietary 2-part powder coating technology. With industry exclusive 9-step coverage, slip-resistant, textured powder coat your Armor is guaranteed to withstand the toughest challenges.

Will a winch fit in a bumper?

Absolutely. Hammerhead Armor bumpers accommodate:

¾ Ton Models+: up to 16,500 lb. winch

½ Ton Models: up to a 9500 lb. winch.

Available front or bottom-mounted depending on the model. Please view the product page specifications tab for designated product winch information.

Do your bumpers affect airbag functionality?

No. The airbag is not deployed from contact with the bumper, so it will not affect airbags.

Are lights included with Hammerhead bumpers?

Lights are NOT included in the base price but can be added as an option when purchasing a bumper. LED upgraded reverse lights (approximately 1200 lumens) are included with the standard rear bumpers.

Can Hammerhead Armor bumpers be changed from one make or model to another?

No. Each Hammerhead bumper is built to follow the contours of the specific vehicle for which it was designed. However, some bumpers will fit multiple years of a particular make and model.

Will Hammerhead Armor bumpers work with a body lift?

Hammerhead Armor standard designs will not fit without modifications. Please contact your installer to determine if they have the ability to develop mounts specific to your lift modifications.

Will I retain my factory receiver on Hammerhead Armor rear bumpers?

Yes. You will retain your factory receiver. After-market receivers are not verified to work with Hammerhead Armor bumpers.

Do Hammerhead Armor rear bumpers accommodate reverse sensors?

Rear sensors will fit in most of our bumper designs. Let your dealer or installer know about the sensors, and they can put them in the bumper at the time of installation.

NOTE: On Dodge trucks, we cannot guarantee that your sensors will function properly with our aftermarket bumper.

Does Hammerhead Armor offer an unpainted bumper option?

Hammerhead Armor only offers products in our industry exclusive, 9- step, black wrinkle powder coat.

Are any modifications required to install a Hammerhead bumper?

No. If your truck’s original bumper mounts and frame have not been damaged, then your Hammerhead bumper should only require a simple “bolt-on” installation.