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Hammerhead is a trusted American Brand.

See why so many choose Hammerhead Armor for their vehicle.

I was rear ended today going around 65mph and I can say with absolute confidence that your bumper completely saved my truck from the worst. I had no prior experience with them, but you now have a complete lifetime customer. You made a great quality product and other than a slight twist and a few scratches, it’s solid as a rock. You guys are awesome!!! I drove my truck away from that scene, And I feel like I owe it all to this company’s craftsmanship

Gavin B.

Hammerhead Armor Customer

Thanks for saving front of my truck. Investment just paid for itself. Driver of semi was trying to accelerate out of situation. Bumper withstood tremendous amount of force.

Yoney R.

Hammerhead Armor Customer

Thank you for building an outstanding product!! Saved me and the rest of my truck after I spun out and hit a guardrail at 45 mph. Thank you!

Tre S.

Hammerhead Armor Customer

6 deer and a tree later, and it’s still looking great!

Chase H.

Hammerhead Armor Customer

It is pretty bent up, but it saved my truck from getting completely crushed!

Stella C.

Hammerhead Armor Customer

Y’all’s customer service is unmatched, and I will definitely recommend y’all when I hear someone is considering replacement bumpers!

Laston B.

hammerhead Armor Customer

Last night I was driving back to south Texas when a driver pulled out in front of me while doing 65 mph. I stomped on the brakes and hit him at about 45 – 50. The Hammerhead bumper took 95% of the impact and left me untouched. If you want a great quality bumper, that will not only save your life but look amazing while doing it. Call the guys over at Hammerhead!!!!

Will U.

hammerhead Armor Customer

Just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. Hit a 6 point buck this morning at 65 mph, and only damage was a bent license plate and some blood on the windshield!! Again, thank you so much.

Scott B.

Hammerhead Armor Customer

Let me start by saying THANK YOU!! My family has a 2015 Ram 2500 Mega Cab with front and rear Hammerhead Armor Bumpers. Yesterday my 7 year old daughter and I were rear ended by a 1/2 ton Chevy truck. The impact was brutal. No noted injuries yet but I was worried about what the back of our truck looked like. Your product only has scratches….NO VISIBLE STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to the bumper! I always loved the way the bumpers looked but your company has nailed functionality and appearance!! Rare find in today’s world. Thank you for your part in keeping my family safe!!

Edward B.

Hammerhead Armor Customer